Business Management and Compliance Software

Whether your company is already registered, or is seeking compliance to one of the standards or regulatory requirements, such as ISO 9000, ISO/TS 16949, AS9100, ISO 13485, and cGMP of FDA required by the marketplace today, this software package is for you.

Even if your business does not require compliance with any standard, but just is interested in smooth and flawless operation, this software package is for you. If your company is currently using any other software, please take time to review the features offered by the IQRC-Pro Software Package. The use of IQRC-Pro will pay your time and money back. Very soon!

IQRC-Pro is a system of integrated modules that supports Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Systems processes and can be used in wide variety of industries. IQRC-Pro uses a simple common sense in fulfilling business needs, while complying with the requirements of the most industry standards. IQRC-Pro simplifies performance of complex processes, ensuring that every necessary step is taken, every required field is filled out, every one who needs to be informed, is notified. IQRC-Pro may be customized to reflect organization internal policies within the framework of applicable standards.

Organization Management Module (OMM) is a core module. All other IQRC-Pro modules require OMM in order to operate. OMM may be used as a stand-alone module supporting HR functions.

Organization Management Module

Documentation Management Module

Corrective Action Management Module

IQRC-Pro Anywhere Module

Management Review Module

Qualification Management Module

Process Performance Reporting & Analysis Module

Internal Audit Management Module

Equipment Calibration Management Module

Equipment Maintenance Management Module

Customer Management Module

Supplier Management Module

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