Organization Management Module

All management standards stress the importance of clearly defining employee responsibilities, authorities and communication. Here, at IQRC-Pro Software Division we strongly believe that even with all 21st century automation, people still play the key role in any organization.

Organization Management Module (OMM) captures and tracks all information about the organizational structure: Company divisions, department, positions, employee’s functions and assignments, job requirements/job descriptions, substitute employees, dotted line reporting, etc. It generates organizational charts and supports HR work in planning and tracking reorganizations. OMM ensures that all assignments are completed.

OMM is a core module. All other IQRC-Pro modules require OMM in order to operate. OMM may be used as a stand-alone module supporting HR functions. You can view a demo, or go to Downloads page to download the demo, which demonstrates how OMM supports company reorganization process.

No employee will ever say:  “I’ve never heard that this is my responsibility!”

OMM enables you to:

  • Define your organization's structure, make and track all changes online
  • Define responsibilities and authorities specifically and clearly - by departments, positions, job titles and job functions
  • Keep job descriptions online and up-to-date, while tracking history
  • Track employee assignments, people availability/presence for all activities controlled by other IQRC-Pro modules, using specific employee function
  • Track cross-trained employees
  • Assign substitute employees to perform work within specified dates when originally assigned employee is absent
  • Automatically notify via email the appropriate employees when organizational changes occur, including employee unavailability due to business trips, vacations, etc.
  • Make sure that no job assignment and task are overlooked
  • Assess workload and active jobs when reassigning or laying-off employees
  • Reassign functions from one position to another while ensuring that all related activities are reassigned
  • Automatically create organizational charts of complete organization or any part of it, such as individual departments or group.
  • Organizational charts may include employee pictures and be published on company’s Intranet

For more information about OMM please contact us at
or 877-IQRC-Pro (477-2776). Outside US 1-973-328-7464


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